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Welcome to the Project

on February 11, 2012

Welcome to realizing a transformational dream. It’s a vision of broadcasting hope and future to a nation that’s yet to fully enter into everything God has designed it to be. To a moment of convergence and to an opportunity to invest in a nation.

It’s a partnership between some students in Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s “International Transformation” track, the pioneer peacebringer Dawn Richardson, working alongside Canon Andrew White and FRRME,  a group of incredibly talented singers, musicians, and songwriters loosely based around Redding, and – most importantly – a whole brace of intercessors, who I hope include you, if you’re reading it.

Because we don’t just want to record and produce a CD of nice songs. We want to tap into the prophetic well of Daddy G-D’s heart for this nation, and produce a collection of songs which, wherever and whenever it’s heard, will make a declaration both to people and to the “powers and principalities” that hope is ALIVE for the nation of Iraq, that the King of Kings is for them and is calling them home into relationship with Himself.This blog is a forum – for posting our developing plan and progress reports, for giving our prayer friends things to praise and pray about, and for holding ourselves accountable for producing a resource that will be an inspiration to so many others.

May all the people who love Iraq, who work in Iraq, who long for peace in Iraq, hear this music and be inspired to shine out the Father’s love, knowing that He is victorious.

– Christina

One response to “Welcome to the Project

  1. This is one of the most smile-causing things I have ever seen. I think Iraq will feel the same way. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Let’s do this!

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